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Fundraising Service Solutions

The WorldPower fundraising division is a leading provider of up to the minute, practical and interactive fundraising service solutions aimed understanding best practices, and increasing surpluses for not for profit organizations. This division works on behalf of our clients which includes:

  • Charities
  • Nonprofits and
  • Social Enterprises

to mobilize financial resources for their most pressing needs and worthy causes.

WorldPower’s fundraising mission is to demonstrate our commitment to a fair world by delivering to our clients a high- quality service, enabling them to plan effectively and ultimately help those that are in need.

Fundraising Services

Event Fundraising

Worldpower works on behalf of our clients to plan, manage and produce events aimed at mobilizing finances for their work from end to end. Our proven system takes the not for profit organization from objective setting to event planning, concept creation, management, sponsorship, promotion and post event follow-up. Worldpower provides unparalleled solutions that answers our clients fundraising questions.

Capital Campaigns

This is fundraising for specific large – scale capital projects. This requires raising considerable sums of money, within a set timeline, to fund specific capital projects. WorldPower believes that successful capital campaigns begin long before the planning process. These campaigns begin with a feasibility study and analyzing whether they are viable. WorldPower helps our clients answer this question by providing expert level services in feasibility study creation, fundraising strategy and planning, major donor target market research and promotion, individual giving, and trusts and grants.

Corporate Fundraising

Corporate fundraising can be a highly effective form of fundraising. WorldPower works on behalf of our clients by approaching the right companies with the right proposals.<br /> WorldPower helps to develop partnerships in a way that creates long-term sustainable relationships and maximize funding. Our corporate fundraising services includes developing unique selling points (USP}, identifying and researching prospects, developing winning pitches and strategies while building relationships that last and simultaneously maximizing corporate funding.